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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


For Bloggers Event - Ipad Giveaway **SIGN UPS End 6/13**

For Bloggers Event - Ipad Giveaway **SIGN UPS End 6/13**

Ipad Blogger Event

Bloggers can Sign up until June 13th
The event will go live June 14th 12:01 Am EST

Kat's Cafe,& Mom Blog Society has teamed up to bring you another amazing Blogger EVENT!

Kat's Cafe loves to be part of iPad giveaways for a deeply personal reason - iPads help children with special needs learn, grow, and blossom ... they can be a real blessing.
We were blessed enough to be granted an iPad for my special guys and as a result I love offering as many giveaways as possible with iPads, Tablets, and other electronic tools. Realizing that not just children with special needs benefit from these great devices, I asked for the Mom Blog Society to join me in offering this great chance for ANYONE to win a great iPad. We will accept two more co-hosts, and if you are interested contact Katrina or LaDonna (ladonna@ladonnadennis.com) or email (kat@katscafe.org).

I get everyone is tight on money right now - ... but this is the kind of giveaway that receives a great deal of exposure! And iPads are very expensive!

Links are only asking $5 per link (Facebook or Twitter only, please!)!

***$4 each additional link for up to 2 additional links, for a total of 3 possible links for $13.

You can make payment via Paypal to kat@katscafe.org - and please mark it as a gift, leaving your details in the notes. :-)

Depending on the number of signups we receive, there is an opportunity for sites who want to host Social Media links.
Please contact Katrinakat@katscafe.org  or LaDonna ladonna@ladonnadennis.com or via Facebook to find out how you can do this, and receive the additional traffic as a result.
NOTE: Sites to host the social media links CAN be the same sites who want to be a co-host, but do not have to be.
***Please post this event on your blog and add the promotional image to your sidebar. Once you've done that, please fill out this form and include the link to your share post.

***Please join this Facebook group for easier communication.http://www.facebook.com/groups/322602574450528/

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